Rewinding the Film

Upon reaching the retirement years it is a very natural thing to take time to reflect back on one’s life. First of all, the past is now the present and there is relatively little future. Second, for most active people it may be the first time one has had the luxury of time to do this.

My current thinking of the past has first centered on recalling people who played an important role in my professional development and whom I perhaps had not previously recognized enough. Second, in thinking about the past, a number of interesting stories have returned to the surface and my wife, Giselle, has urged me to share these.

105. So, why am I not a lawyer?
106. Annals of Ann Arbor
107. “Into the Wild Blue Yonder”
108. Back to School
109. The University of Montana
110. Ormandy as I Knew Him
111. Residence in Vienna, 1968–1969