103. Compositions as Gifts

The following works were all composed as gifts to friends, each of whom is an internationally respected conductor.  Each composition is scored for large wind orchestra and each is available through the catalog of “Maxime’s: Music of Distinction” at concertbandmusicstore.com.

A Celebration of the Spirit of the People of Italy, for Fulvio Creux (Italy)

A Fine Day in Brescia, for Denis Salvini (Italy)

A Joyful Allegro, for Laszlo Marosi (Hungary)

A Pastoral in Memory of Gentler Times, for Jennifer Martin (USA)

A Tribute to Civic Bands, for Andrea Durante (Italy)

Bella Italia, for Lorenzo Della Fonte (Italy)

Chorale Variations on “Vater unser im Himmelreich,” for Ronald Johnson (USA)

Gentle Winds over Virginia, for Terry Austin (USA)

Homage to the Swiss, for Felix Hauswirth (Switzerland)

Music to Begin a Celebration, for Gregg Hanson (USA)

Illinois Dreams, for Ronnie Wooten (USA)

Meditations on Italia, for Fulio Creux (Italy)

Morning in Australia, for Craig Dabelstein (Australia)

New England Reveries, for Brian Messier (USA)

On the Heroes of Australia, for Craig Dabelstein (Australia)

Reminiscence on Northridge, for Lawrence Stoffel (USA)

Sailing on the Aegean Sea, for Michael Michalopoulos (Greece)

Chinese Folksongs, for Catherine Chi (Taiwan)

Songs of Times Past, for Gary Pratt (USA)

Songs for Lisbon, for Alberto Roque (Portugal)

Variations on an Original Bass, for Lorenzo Della Fonte (Italy)

Variations on an Original Theme, for Craig Dabelstein (Australia)

These compositions are retrospective, looking back on years of friendship and help, but I hope to be able to continue these as I have more names on my list of friends I need to acknowledge.