101. More Whitwell Symphonies

Symphony Nr. 3, “Meditations on Hamlet” (1989)

i. When Churchyards yawn and Hell breathes out
ii. Thoughts beyond the reaches of our souls
iii. Good Night, Sweet Prince

This music written 1989, was not intended to be programmatic, but was inspired by these lines from the Shakespeare play.  One listener in the audience, Ms. Fern Gaines, was moved by the first performance of this Symphony and I quote her here because her reaction represents what I think every composer must hope for in the listener.

I would like you to know how very much we enjoyed your composition you shared with us Friday Night. We appreciate the fact that you dared to dignify it with noble simplicity while enriching it with moving harmonies. It truly gave us an experience “beyond the reaches of our souls.”

Symphony Nr. 6, “States of Mind” (2016)

This Symphony, written in 2016, was inspired by my thoughts about three friends.

i. “Happiness,” dedicated to Craig Dabelstein a friend of Australia, who also edits all my work.
ii. “Tranquility,” dedicated to Dr. Larry D. Harper, a former student
iii. “Faith,” dedicated to Dr. Ronald Johnson and was inspired by the music of faith among the ancient Russian Orthodox male choirs, early American Protestant hymn tunes and “American Spirituals.”

Symphony, Nr. 7 “Renaissance Memories” (2018)

i. Canzona
ii. Toccata
iii. Chaconne

Symphony Nr. 8, “The Quintessence of Emotions” (2018)

i. Of Love and Loss
ii. Nostalgia and Restoration
iii. Serenity

Symphony Nr. 9, “Everyman” (2019)

i. Solitary Youth
ii. The Dance of Love
iii. Apotheosis

Symphony Nr. 10, “The Spirit Speaks” (2023)

i. Procession of the Faithful
ii. Supplication
iii. Gloria

Each of these compositions is available through the Catalog of Maxime’s: Music of Distinction at concertbandmusicstore.com.